Friday, 30 May 2014

A new room deserves a new quilt...

Bonsoir :) 

Having been absent for a few days, I feel the need to explain why!! 
I have been painting my room! What colour? PURPLE!!! 
Painting has proved rather tiring, and I wish I had known how difficult it actually is, especially the feature wall in a deep mulberry purple tone. (Hiding the brush marks and gaps was a nightmare)
I physically ached all over, but alas there was still some movement inside me yet. What does Alice do with her remaining energy? She makes a quilt of course :)

If anyone wants to make this quilt you will need....
  • 12-13 swatches of liberty fabric at 25cm x 137cm/fabric of your choice
  • 275cm x 150cm of batting (for a double bed) - alternatively buy a double mattress protector as they have batting inside of them just the same (it may be cheaper!!!)
  • 2 double size sheets in the fabric/colour of your choice - approx 275cm x 150cm of fabric for each
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/Metre stick
  • Pencil/Pen/Taylor's chalk 
  • Cotton (lots of cotton!!!)
  • Sewing machine and Needle and Thread (part hand quilted)
  • Pins and more pins
  • Sweets (preferably Haribo) and Diet Coke

I feel that the fabrics match my sewing machine very well! I love this machine, it is a John Lewis machine, but for all of you who did not already know this - John Lewis machines are actually Janome machines just with the JL brand on them! I really couldn't recommend this machine more, and coming in at around £139 a bargain too!
Half quilted before adding border...

Although the painting in my room is not quite done, (I am leaving the edges to my dad, as he'll kill me a) if I get them wrong, and b) I'm too scared to mess them up) but I feel the need to show you the complimentary nature of this quilt with my new colour scheme :)

I have been collecting these liberty purple fabrics for quite some time, and it's great to have finally used them! Now all I'm thinking about is matching curtains... 

 A happy albeit/blurry/tired Alice with the final result :) It's very snuggly too!

VoilĂ I think it's safe to say it's time for a cup of tea and a snuggle under this quilt with a film! xox

Monday, 26 May 2014

Chapter 6

Today has been a lovely day!!! Stressful, indecisive, yet lovely. Today was the day I finally bought a DSLR :) I couldn't be more happy with it! So here are a few images from the babe (yet to be named)...

Maddy...Not sure she's a fan of the DSLR judging by her facial expression...but she's a babe!!!

My lovely friend Katie made me this, so fun to photograph :)

 My very very very out of tune piano!

 Mums beautiful tapestry...

Bedroom is soon to be these colours...

  Good ol' William Morris 

 Mum's beautiful library! Slacking mum, it's a bit of a mess...

My sewing books

Just messing about now...

Couldn't be more happy with today's purchase :) 

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Head over heels in love quilt begins...


I have managed 3 hearts so far... Maddy has been helping me, the whole family are home, I have sweets, we are going to make a cake, I'm wearing my liberty is a crazy day!!!

Here is my little helper... with a weepy eye :( 

The Ace of Hearts 

I will be needing to perfect my ironing skills... 

One happy Alice in her liberty print dress (Wiltshire berry) after some serious concentration re heart quilting!!!

The hearts are driving me crazy!!! I have decided that the hearts are just going to be a continuous border of the quilt, and will not be used for the entire thing!!! However, thank you sew french for the inspiration, you must be so very patient!!! 


The hearts really really really started to stress me out!! 

I don't know what I'm going to do with them now...but I will persevere!! I toyed with a few ideas...

But eventually ended up being so frustrated and therefore resorted to the ease of this...which I've had in a box ready to make for ages!! It took me all of 1/2 an hour! I will post a pic of it quilted tomorrow :) 

As far as the hearts are concerned who knows... however I found more quilt ideas that don't require such fiddly folds!! I completely adore the bird cushion and will be making it :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

I wish I was the moon...

"I wish I was the moon" 

I secretly think everybody wants to be Mary or George from it's a wonderful life! And who can blame them! They are both babes! 

I want to talk a little about the beautiful fashion and inspiration for creativity that stems from the 40s in this film! Aren't we all always in awe of Mary's hair, rouge and glow? Of course we are! The character of Violet also has incredible vintage outfits throughout the film, with stunning hats and feathers galore!

It's weird to discuss this film at any time other than Christmas, but it's a personal favourite of mine and has significantly helped encourage my interest in vintage textiles, so I felt it was worth a mention! Maybe I'll do a more in depth piece surrounding old school films such as Brief Encounter (ultimate fave) and the likes of Casa Blanca and White Christmas - or maybe a Christmas special!

Anyway, about 2 years ago, my grandmother passed away, she was an incredible arty lady, with the most random fashion sense (probably where I get it from) - yet we discovered some absolute gems when sorting through bits and bobs. Stemming from Victorian Wedding Dresses (tiny!!!), Nigerian Quilts and Cloaks with Iron Lion head clasps (sold to a man in Greece over ebay - crazy man!) However, it had an aura of a hobbit cloak about it, with a perfectly acceptable explanation I am sure. I would have loved to have known the origins of such an item however. I had all sorts of fun with my friends dressing up in all sorts of discovered albeit moth ridden and ruined outfits. A particular favourite was my friend Alex dressing up in Aladin-esque green sparkly trousers, they really suited him!!

Below is a picture of the Nigerian Quilt with an incredible embroidery section! I am exceedingly lucky to have access to a textile research facility, where I have volunteered over the years, and was able to track these yarns. I was pretty sure that they stemmed from Nigeria due to family history, and alas we were correct! Beautiful craftsmanship! 

Chapter 5

This photograph really made me smile! In my new chapter, I have decided to let go of any unnecessary burdens holding me down. I now feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders, and I can now take on the whichever direction I choose to steer :) 

I applied for 4 jobs today, yet I'm still toying with the idea of being a lawyer...ambition and job applications are really stressful. All I know for sure is that I want to maintain my interest and hobby in the arts!

This lady knows the feeling clearly...

I may have also adapted a beautiful quote from one tree hill for job applications...not sure if that's okay really...but it's an amazing quote!!

Seen as I've been sharing all sorts today, it seems apt to share some of my favourite music at the moment with you! It pleases me to highlight that Ingrid Michaelson has a beautiful new album. I fell in love with "The Chain" when I was in New York, and saw it used in an interpretative dance piece. However, her new album "Lights" also has some great tunes, my personal faves being "Girls chase boys" and "Afterlife" 

I hope you enjoy these two songs :)