Sunday, 15 February 2015


Welcome to my new sewing set up!

There has been lots of this :( 

and more of this... :) 

Life in incomplete in my eyes without wearing strawberry thief at least once a week, if not every day!!

Quotes such as this one have been helping me along the road... 
And allowing me to make pretty things like this and develop ideas for my future.

In the midst of confusion, career and life confusion, the only thing that I know for sure is that I want to own my own multi-arts business. I am currently in the planning stages of how to go about this, and how on earth this is going to be possible. But I believe I can, and thats my main goal for now. 

I've also been stocking up on pretty liberty prints recently in order to get cracking on some new projects, please watch this space!

This is a new addition to my abode - for Christmas I was given this beautifully carved wooden scissor holder. 
I have developed a new addiction of Hot Chocolate... whoops!

Ultimately, this picture speaks volumes and makes me realise that I must do what makes me happy!!!

And for me - happy = travel, making things, family, friends, loved ones.

Oh and books...

Framed books haha!

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Around the world in Liberty print and back again.

I'm back!!!

3 months of working as a Paralegal for the loveliest law firm, 1 month of travelling around the beautiful country that is New Zealand and a pit stop in Singapore... it's come to the point that I am now back. Back with my cat, and back with my sewing machine.

Since being home (Cardiff) life has been a jumble of strange bits and bobs. Returning home to a walled Cardiff for the NATO summit took some adjusting too, especially whilst trying to avoid traffic and police to get to job interviews all around the city. Yes, interviews...I'm on the hunt for my dream job.  I think it's a pretty horrible position for graduates at the moment, but hopefully something will turn up :) I'll let you know, or disappear from blogging for several months! Either way you'll know. I've also went much fun!!!

I've come to realise that it's the smallest things in life that mean the most, to me anyway. So I've decided that I am going to make something with lots of small fabric pieces. I am going to attempt to steer away from using liberty print, in order to use the beautiful Maori prints that I managed to pick up in the most amazing quilt shop in Rotorua, New Zealand. Saying that 3 metres of William Morris strawberry thief print turned up on my door step this morning...

I'm starting life back in Cardiff by spreading the love... clearly...or just using up an abundance of unnecessary buttons? Up to you! 

Much more importantly...these are the beautifully Autumny Maori prints :) aren't they beautiful? 

I've been in so many different minds as to what to make with a metre of each. However, I have finally decided after much deliberation and further indecisiveness at St Fagans quilting club this morning. I have been going to quilting club since I was in Sixth Form, and we decided that it must've been running for about 4 years this morning...we all were slightly shocked! Anyway, it makes me very happy to sew with some very lovely people :) especially when I can come to a decision at to what to make. So finally, I am going to make a sewing case/book using very small patchwork pieces that will have multiple pockets and secret compartments. I promise to upload my progress on this one and how I get on...could take a bit of time (and effort). No machines for me :( 

Since being home, I have also decided to make a Liberty Triangular Swatch quilt. 

I guess it's quite boring, but you get the idea from these pictures :) 

This afternoon - I've behaved ridiculously! I have been waiting to own more than 3metres of my favourite fabric for a really long time. This is strawberry thief in purple (I like saying Aubergene) I am going to make a dress out of this...but until that is done just know that I am just going to wear it, and appreciate it. I would like to thank ebay very very very much for sending me a £10 voucher for this to become a reality...


More ridiculousness. 

On a less ridiculous note...however probably still slightly ridiculous. I had my own little trip around the world to New Zealand and Singapore and I decided to take liberty print with me...of course! Below are some pictures from the best adventure of my life so far, some including liberty...some not! I'm sure you're relieved!

My liberty reversible coat survived in my suitcase thank goodness. This is a place called Rewa village. It was beautiful!

A garden dedicated to Alice in Wonderland in Hamilton.

Taking the hobbits to liberty land... Hobbiton was awesome!!!! Of course I wore liberty print. 

Rotorua Yarn Bombing - they take it to another level!!!
Such a beautiful yarn bombing display. Lucky tree gets to stay warm in winter.

In New Zealand they have such incredible quilting technology. It's pretty pricy though. I'll stick to hand quilting for now... 

William Morris inspired quilt - the birds take influence from the strawberry thief design. 

I love cranes and I cannot lie. 

Because this is one of my favourite films. 

Nelson - the most beautiful place, the most beautiful sunset. Take me back!!!

Cromwell searching. 

The most beautiful rolling piano I've ever seen. 

 Nom nom nom. 

As much as I've enjoyed my travels, and as much as I would love to go back tomorrow. There is still lots of magic in home. That magic probably has a lot to do with family and friends. I have been so busy with jet setting, interviews and sorting out my life that I've hardly got to spend time or speak to so many of the people that I love. Having a broken phone really doesn't help either. 

I don't know if you're reading but if you are, I miss you all - Kate, Emily, Katie, Alice, Cat, Lin, JV, Jenna and Alex. 

Anyhow blogspot, it's good to be back!